Plastic Sheets and Welding Rods

We offer wide range of industrial plastics solutions for an array of applications and industries. Among our portfolio for sheets , we offer a wide variety of sheets made from PE, PP, PP-H, UHMW-PE, PVDF, PVC Rigid and PVC Foam, HIPS, ABS, fabric backed sheets, welding & solid rods ,Stainless Steel Chute and disposal systems manufactured By SANGIR Plastics of India.

Range of supply:

Novathene Polyethylene Sheets:  1mm to 30mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaLene Polypropylene Sheets:  1mm to 30mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaLene PP-H Sheets:  1mm to 30mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaStrong UHMW-PE sheets:  6mm to 100mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaKyn PVDF Sheets:  2mm to 12mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaRex PVC C-PVC Sheets:  .2mm to 50mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaFoam PVC Foam Sheets:  1mm to 10mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaWeld (PE,PP ,PVDF & PVC) Welding Rods:  1mm to 6mm thick – Right-Click & Save PDF
NovaStic Solid Rods (PE,PVDF &PP ):  6mm to 250mm thick, 1m length – Right-Click & Save PDF


You can also hire our extensive range for periods that suit you.