We supply HDPE Fittings for HDPE Water Distribution Systems for public utilities, with an emphasis upon reliability to ensure an uninterrupted water supply. Our products are accurately designed to consistently exceed the performance aspects specified under widely recognized standards.

Along with ISO 9001 certification and various approvals by DVGW, SKZ, WRAS and WATERMARK, our products are also FM approved. Our products are manufactured under an effective system of inspection, testing, supervision and control. We offer highly specialized solutions together with expert services that meet the demands of gas, water, sewage and industrial piping construction projects. We have supplied fittings ranging from 20mm to 2000mm.

Our HDPE Fittings are approved by ADWEA, ADSSC, AADC, MUSANADA,FEWA, ASHGAL and many other government authorities.



You can also hire our extensive range for periods that suit you.