Installation of HDPE pipeline fitting

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HDPE pipeline fitting installation is a long process. First, a manual is created to provide the installer’s proposal to the client. All of the following parameters which are applicable should be provided:

  • Proposed insertion technique
  • Host pipe internal diameter assumptions
  • Chosen PE100 liner pipe diameter
  • Chosen PE100 liner pipe material and SDR
  • Insertion temperature assumptions
  • Proposed diameter reduction (if applicable)
  • Range of actual host pipe internal diameters that can be accommodated
  • Master (and slave(s) if provided) die throat diameters for Die Drawing
  • Roller module throat diameter(s) for TiteLiner
  • Roller module throat diameter(s) for Rolldown
  • Predicted running diameter(s) for all reduction options
  • Insertion length
  • Insertion load(s) – winch load and load on PE100 pipe
  • Maximum permitted load
  • Anticipated longitudinal extension and required length of liner pipe in die drawing
  • Time to achieve a tight fit for all reduction options
  • Hydraulic reversion pressure for Rolldown and for Fold and Form methods
  • Type and dimensions of termination fittings to be used
  • Final ‘free’ internal and external diameters of the liner for termination fitting design

Relatively simple installation guidelines may be applicable to many rural transmission and distribution water lines, force main sewer lines, and many process water lines. These HDPE pipeline fitting typically represent pressure pipes installed at relatively shallow depths which are sufficiently stiff to resist the minimal earth load, especially small diameter lines. In some cases, a pipeline may contain sections that require specific engineering analysis such as a shallow (less than 3 ft deep) section that crosses a road.

The following simplified guidelines apply under the following conditions:

  • Pipe Diameter ≤ 24-inch
  • DR ≤ 21
  • Depth of Cover between 2.5 feet and 25 feet, except where vehicle traffic is present, the minimum cover is 3.0 ft.
  • Groundwater elevation at least 2 feet below the surface
  • Stable soil

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