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HDPE butt welding put simply is the process of joining two pieces of HDPE Pipe Line Contracting together to create a fusion weld. It works by first by inserting the two ends of the HDPE Pipe into the butt fusion welding machine. A facer or facing machine is used to trim and cut the end of the pipe to create both a flat surface and to remove oxidized polyurethane.

HDPE Pipe Line Contracting

Latest technology HDPE Pipe Line Contracting for Manufacturer and Supplier in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah

Latest technology HDPE Pipe Line Contracting

Once completed the facer is removed and an electric heating plate is lowered between the two ends of the HDPE Pipe Line in the butt-welding machine. The anti-stick PTFE coated heating plate is used to simultaneously heat up and melt the two HDPE pipes forming a small bead at each end. Once the two pipes are suitably hot and melted, the hot plate is removed and the two ends are thrust together using the hydraulic rams and clamps on the butt-welding machine forming a bond. As the pipe cools the two pieces join together in a permanent bond for HDPE Pipe Line Contracting.

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HDPE Pipe rollers are used to support the HDPE pipe during butt welding to reduce strain on the hydraulic rams, reduce manual handling and increase the speed of works. When selecting the specification of the HDPE Pipe Line Contracting there are a few key points to consider:

  • The diameter of the HDPE pipe
  • PE80 or PE100 relates to the strength of the pipe in accordance with ISO 12162.
  • Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR) is the pressure rating for HDPE piping. SDR is the ratio of the outer HDPE pipe diameter (D) to wall thickness. The lower the SDR value the thicker the HDPE pipe. The average internal diameter will stay roughly the same for all SDR ratios, and the outer diameter will increase/decrease accordingly.
  • Length of HDPE pipe

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The benefits of HDPE overlay flat hoses include a reduction in friction loss leading to reduced fuel consumption and pump sizes, higher quality finish, aesthetically pleasing, resistant to sunlight and salt water, and more robust and less prone to damage.

HDPE Pipe Line Contracting key benefit of electrofusion over butt welding is that the equipment is much smaller and can be carried out in confined spaces. WJ has used electrofusion for emergency repairs to damaged or burst HDPE pipes, for making intricate joints in tight locations, and for joining vertical HDPE pipes Line Contracting in stairwells.

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