HDPE Pipe Fittings and Supplier Company in UAE Abu, Dhabi Dubai

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Best HDPE pipe Fittings and Supplier company in UAE Abu Dhabi Dubai


HDPE pipes are a good insulator of electricity, so it safe for electricity applications, which is suitable for underground applications. HDPE pipes have high power, weather resistance, and flexibility, and the ability to maintain the highest and lowest temperatures makes them suitable for many systems HDPE pipes are widely used in agriculture, residential areas, pipelines, industries, and various types HDPE coils are used.

HDPE Pipe Supplier Company

HDPE pipes are used in the heavy and medium industries to transport oil, gas, minerals, chemicals, gels and other liquid and semi-solid materials. In agriculture, they were used for transportation on irrigation and water.

Best HDPE pipe Fittings and Supplier company in UAE Abu Dhabi Dubai


One of the most desirable properties of HDPE pipes is that they do not provide odor or toxicity to the liquid being transported. In addition, the installation of these pipes is very simple and straightforward, and durable, portable and easy to replace.

Our HDPE pipes are manufactured using the latest machinery and equipment. HDPE pipes are inspected by our research team members, engineers and agencies, so we can supply them HDPE Pipes as per their requirement.


Tubi Soluzioni has achieved a major place in the UAE market as one of the leading suppliers and service providers for high-quality HDPE Pipe Solutions. HDPE Pipes comes with Outstanding physical and performance advantages that make it the right choice for your requirements. Some qualities of Tubi Soluzioni HDPE pipes:

  • High Burst Strength
  • Flexible
  • More Hygienic
  • Better Flow Properties
  • Better Longevity
  • Easier to install
  • Chemical and Weather Resistance

Our expert team is capable of providing a full range of HDPE Pipe fitting services suited to our customer’s needs. We at, Tubi Soluzioni, provides the best HDPE pipe fittings, supply, installation, repair or maintenance services with world-class butt welding and electrofusion machines.

Features of HDPE pipes

HDPE pipes are suitable for many applications because of their beneficial properties, some of the applications are given below:

  • Less weight – Easy to handle and transport
  • Long Life, 50-100 years
  • High ductility & resistance
  • Leak free and abrasion resistant
  • Mirror-like smooth inner surfaces
  • C’ value-150 throughout the service life
  • Chemically inert


HDPE pipe beneficial properties make them suitable for many applications. Some of these are:

  1. Potable Water Supply
  2. Chemical Transportation
  3. Irrigation
  4. Sub-Soil Drainage
  5. Gas Transportation
  6. Sewerage Network
  7. Electric Conduit
  8. OFC Deployment
  9. House Service Connections
  10. Landfill Gas Extraction

HDPE pipes in our company are manufactured using high-density polyethylene, which ensures their flawless performance and long functional life. It is useful to carry wastewater, cables, slurries, hazardous waste, pipable water, chemicals, and compressed gases along with oils. HDPE Pipe Fittings and Supplier Company in UAE, Oman, Kuwait.

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